Flash at your own risk, as always.
Make sure you're always on the latest/matching Firmware!

|Not selectable, will always be flashed|
[*] based on ASD5 April Security Patch Base
[*] ASD4 decrypted CSC Partition included for CSC Feature mods
[*] FRP/Vaultkeeper removing to make sure you do not get locked
[*] Removes Knox and other Security related stuff
[*] build.prop Tweaks
[*] deactivate FBE (File based encryption for /data)
[*] removed PA Deamon (process authenticator)

|Selectable options in AROMA|

Aroma Installer Options:
[*] App Debloating
[*] Emoji Changer
[*] Font Changer
[*] Netflix Fix
[*] Bluetooth Force aptX Codec
[*] Activate Multiuser support
[*] Install Good Lock apps
[*] Bixby Button remap
[*] CSC Feature Options
[*] Replace Warning Splash Screens

SM-G97X | Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+

G96X Stable Release

Flash at your own risk, as always.
Make sure you're always on the latest BL + CP!

SM-G96X | Galaxy S9/S9+


You want to keep up to date? Here you can check what I have changed.
If you do not see any new changes, make sure you wipe your browser cache.
CTRL + F5 will clear cache for this website only.

G97X Changelog
G96X Changelog


Latest Bootloader, Modem and TWRP included.

TWRP-flashable Firmware Updates
Just flash the downloaded zip in TWRP Recovery.

SM-G96X | Galaxy S9/S9+ [Android 9.0 | PIE]


Activates back the Dual Sim + SD Card option

How To Flash


1. SM-G95XF/FD/N or SM-G96XF/N device
2. Installed TWRP Recovery on your device.
3. Backup your data, in case something goes wrong.

TWRP Install Guide

If you do not have TWRP installed on your device yet, follow this guide.

ROM Flash Guide

Coming from stock rom:

1. Backup your current ROM
2. Backup your Internal Storage if needed
3. Format Data then Wipe System, Data, Cache, Dalvik-Cache, Internal Storage
4. Reboot to TWRP again
5. Flash latest release
6. Reboot and enjoy

Coming from another custom rom:

1. Backup your current ROM
2. Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik-cache
3. Flash latest release
4. Reboot and enjoy

Coming from any of my oreo releases:

1. Backup your current ROM
2. Flash latest release
3. Reboot and enjoy

How To SVN

You will need:
A PC running a newish version of Windows
TortoiseSVN, choose 32 or 64 bit depending on your OS
7-Zip archive program to zip the ROM

Step 1-3 is only for people who haven't set up the SVN yet,
if you have already set up and just want to update to the newest revision,
go to Step 4. "Updating" and then Step 3. "Exporting and zipping"

1. Setting up folder structure

Once you have TortoiseSVN installed, browse to a directory where you would like your ROM to be stored.
Once your in that directory create new folders:

"soldier9312-g96x" - [will contain S9/S9+ rom files]
"soldier9312-g95x" - [will contain S8/S8+ rom files]
"soldier9312-flashable" - [will be the folder where you export and zip up your ROM]

You don't have to use these names, it just makes things less confusing if you do.

2. Downloading the ROM

To checkout the desired ROM, right click the folder soldier9312-g96x or soldier9312-g95x and select "Checkout".
Now you have to enter the URL from our SVN Repo.

soldier9312-g96x: http://www.renovate-ice.com/svn/soldier9312-g96x/trunk/

soldier9312-g95x: http://www.renovate-ice.com/svn/soldier9312-g95x/trunk/

Copy and Paste the correct URL into the "URL of repository" and press OK.

If all done correctly the ROM should start downloading, this could take a while depending on your internet speed.
This is the one and only time you will have to download the full rom.
Only a rebase will trigger a full redownload of new ROM, because we remove all old files then.

Once it has finished you will see the checked out Revision number in the Log screen.
You can tell if everything has synced correctly as there will be a green tick on the folder icon.

3. Exporting and zipping

Open the folder from your checked out ROM and you will see the rom structure.
Your instincts will probably tell you to add this to a zip and then just flash on your phone,
but as this is the folder linked with the SVN, there are hidden files which we don't want to
include in our rom.zip.

To get rid of these hidden files, all you need to do is right click either "soldier9312-g96x" folder,
(you need to select the folder you used) go to "TortoiseSVN" then click "Export".

Clicking on "Export" will open a file browser window where you have to select the "soldier9312-flashable" folder.

Once the export has finished, you're going to zip up the rom so you can flash it.
Open "soldier9312-flashable" folder and select all the folders and contents.
If you have 7zip installed click "Add to Archive".
This will open a dialogue, all you need to do is set the the format to ".zip", choose a name, and where to save it.
Once you have done this click "OK" to start the zipping.
Once finished this is your completed rom.zip, simply transfer this to your phones memory and flash in recovery.
Now you have to delete all files inside the "soldier9312-flashable" folder. Keep this folder clean.

4. Updating

If we push an update to our rom, svn users can stay up to date change by change, and only by downloading the modified files, not the entire rom everytime.
To update to the latest revision all you need to do is right click on your synced svn folder and select "SVN Update".

This will update all the changed files to the latest version, keeping you up to date.
Once the update is complete, you'll have to export the rom again (step 3) before zipping it up and flashing.
Before you export though, make sure you deleted the previous revision from "soldier9312-flashable" folder!


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